SharePoint 2007 Branding links

  • Real World Branding with SharePoint Server 2007 Publishing Sites

  • Heather’s Base Master Page Files
    Base master page files with necessary content placeholders to run a SharePoint site. All branding and added code is stripped out.
  • CSS Reference Chart
    Informative chart of popular CSS classes and IDs.
  • Design Gotcha List
    List of items to watch out for when you are rebranding SharePoint. Includes red flags for problem areas and screenshots.
  • SharePoint Resources
    Blog posts, articles, tools, product information and more. Large resource list focused on customization, but also with many non-customization related resources
  • URL Quick List
    List of links to commonly used administrative functions.
  • SharePoint Tools for Style: How to Start Branding SharePoint

    You have a site design and your trusty copy of SharePoint Designer, but now what? In this session, we cover SharePoint branding concepts and benefits and show step by step how to create a custom master page using Microsoft Office SharePoint Designer.

    Slide Deck Great slides on branding




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