SharePoint Online blog site- How to edit the homepage


After about a week of troubleshooting the classic SharePoint Online blog subsite template (BLOG#0), I was FINALLY able to figure out why I could not edit the homepage.


There is a site feature called “Site Pages” that needs to be activated. Once activated, you can edit the blog homepage (assuming you have permissions).

Figure 1- Activate the Site Pages feature on your Blog Site in SharePoint Online. Now you can edit the blog homepage!

Figure 2- SharePoint Online Blog Site Edit button fixed


Figure 3- The SharePoint Online Classic Blog template is now editable for the homepage. The About this blog image can be removed.

I was lucky to run across this when troubleshooting why a modern SPFx extension would not show on a classic homepage.

Hope this helps!

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5 thoughts on “SharePoint Online blog site- How to edit the homepage

  1. Hi Eric,

    could you confirm if this still works? I just tried the same on a blog site and activated the site pages feature but still no edit site button. Using Office 365 SharePoint Online blog site. ItÄs a subsite from a MS Teams.
    kind regards

    1. Strange, I just checked a new tenant and I could not edit a blog homepage when matching every root site/site collection feature as well as the blog subsite feature. However, the old blog site I created when writing this article still allows me to edit the homepage.

      1. I just created a new Blog site collection directly in SharePoint admin center. Suddenly I could edit again. I didn’t even have to activate anything.
        It seems that MS Teams blog subsite do not work.

  2. So, did anyone figure out how to edit a SharePoint blog? I had been able to do this as well and once in a while the edit button actually appears. I was able to add a Web Part and then it disappeared again. Something strange going on. What is more interesting is on student managed to edit her blog page but her link has the words “Lists” and “posts” in it:

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